Dear MPs,

We understand, recently, The Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle, will not allow vote on Conservative Curbs regarding Covid.
Repeal the  Coronavirus Act 2020. We would like to point out that there is currently a petition at which is fast growing popularity. 

DRAIN THE SWAMP -How long must the British Public remain a plundered and pillaged cash cow inundated by draconian despotic laws unaddressed by inert politicians who are 'jobsworth' and are not motivated to assert and reflect the mood of the People Public of Britain especially dictatorial, tyrannical politicians (Bully Club) with so called 'partnering and teamwork' with friends, false statistics, false reports of 'full capacity' hospitals when lower than last year, multiple 'reverse psychology' negative dark mantras on unsuspecting people each few minutes over the airwaves that 'we are vile contaminated individuals' and need to "save others by wearing a mask". ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Clap for a fantastic public. SAVE THE GREAT BRITISH PUBLIC from tyranny.

Increasing Testing that creates 93% FALSE POSITIVES tricks the Public in thinking infections are increasing. Many Testing Centres are Empty. Testing is being used for tyrannical purposes to pass draconian restrictions on everyday life that has been and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, Economy collapsing, Mental Illness, Suicides, Strangling the NHS refusing to provide urgent treatment for conditions like Cancer, Threatening NHS workers from free speech of the 'true' activity within their workplace, Lies and misleading NEWS reports about Hospital Capacity when proven to be lower that same month last year. - TESTING described perfectly by President Trump here.

Drain the swamp of politicians in parliament 'on the take' that create 'partnerships' [read 'corruption'?] with 'friends'. £3.6 BILLION contracts given to SERCO [Current investigation by The Serious Fraud Office] who were/are responsible contact/trace, the same people who do electronic tags for convicted criminals. The former head of information at SERCO (A Private Company), Mr Edward Argar is now The Minister Of Health, (video 10 mins long but worth the watch) responsible for passing contracts to SERCO. Also, Boris thanks Bill Gates for receiving funding of $8.8 BILLION. So far no evidence of propriety of money management for the UK, yet when the defenceless and peaceful British Public peacefully protest about the State of the Nation they get bloody bludgeoned by armoured TSG by SURPRISE just as a Scientist, Dr. Heiko Schoning, PHD from Germany (Read on was just about to start his lecture to people, many were sitting down. The scientist was arrested, removed and let go the next day without charge. What a co-ordinated attack on public peace! Who thought the police, serve to protect the peace and prevent disorder, were being used to attack peaceful public. The police are not happy about this and should not be put in an attack position on a terrified and concerned public, many who were their own families. A terrified and concerned public created by SAGE advisers to Government. This will never be forgotten and SAGE members and enabling politicians names will never be forgotten in British History.

There is a record 'on file' where the WHO attempted a FAKE PANDEMIC in 2010 and were found out by PACE investigation (The Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe). Please note, after being up for ten years, Forbes removed the web page a few days ago.

Because of the constant mantras by media and 'strange' false statistics assertions coming from Government the smoking gun of Fake Pandemic cordite is still very much in the air. It would be such a fantastic and massive psychology trick - No actual virus, just enforce everyone with masks, social distance, Rule of 6, contact/trace, 2 mtrs apart - people reinforce every moment by following the 'rules' so when someone says 'coronahoax' it seems unbelievable. But lets look at things which would indicate that "The Curve" was 'spin' as none of reports and stats supporting it were simply wrong:
1) Vallance told us on in/ after the so called curve that most of the people with Covid on their death certificates were never even tested.
2) Even for those that were tested, alive and dead, were declared as an infection for testing over 28days days prior. This changed around August by the the Government, largely influenced by the keen intellect of Professor Heneghan of Oxford University. Look at the difference between omitting those tested > 28 days (in BLUE) and those stats previously used by Government which INCLUDED > 28 days tested (In RED). See how that changes the "look" of a 'Curve" used to lockdown the whole country, killing many, destroying the economy - By design or incompetence/negligence?
3) Again all tested positive were subject to a 93% false positive, never revealed to the public. Why can we never read or hear in media what CT (Cycle Thresholds) are being used to determine 'an infection'. The test picks of genome fragments of long ago infections, any Corona.
4) The test picks up any of the 36 Coronavirus. The PCR inventor (Kary Mullis) made it very clear it is not a diagnostic tool and can find ANYTHING in ANYONE.
5) Lung Cancer afflicted were wrongly diagnosed as Covid and treated with dangerous for lung cancer ventilation.

So why are the constant enforcement of actions by the public with Mantras like "I wear a mask to protect others", keep your distance, don't meet in pubs after 10pm, no groups of 6. If it is a trick, the government are trying to get to REINFORCE with dark reverse psychology affirmations and autosuggestion that suggest "I am a vile individual that contaminates others, including Gran" through billions of advertising. Doesn't anyone think that a grown up public know what to do in a pandemic, to be careful like Sweden. But no, constant affirmations are order of the day many times an hour, bloody bludgeoned (For our safety) for asking questions. The rabid hysterical of mantras in media paid by government leads one to conclude "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" and therefore is it, yet again, another FAKE PANDEMIC. Too many videos and narratives of empty test centres, empty hospitals, full beds lies.

Many of the Public did not know of the Public Consultation to ALLOW unlicensed vaccinations (Banned in UK) with ZERO liability for all connected to distribution and manufacture of vaccinations had to been commented to before Fri 18th Sept 2020 - was this ever advertised? Is this connected to the $8.8 Billion given to Boris by Bill Gates (Main founder of GAVI) for vaccinations. Gates has previously professed he is a Vaccine Investor.

The inventor of the PCR Test was quite clear - The PCR test (misused by media to claim 'increasing' infections to fool) could not be used to DIAGNOSE illness. It's sole use is that it could find anything in anybody by increasing AMPLIFICATION by increasing Cycle Thresholds until a fragment of genome can be found. A CT of 37 means 77 Billion amplifications. Increasing CT rates means no active virus can be found and continues until it picks up OLD infections of ANY of the 36 coronavirus (Like the common cold).

Doctors Alliance Website

We request that the MPs reasonably consider and effect that this Act be repealed, or at best curb it that ensures all dictatorial legislation is debated and voted in parliament, otherwise we are heading like a run amok freight train into serious economy and health negative consequences.

We believe that all the recent measures are not proportionate to a questionable threat that actually poses to the nation.
QED on the government website since 19th March 2020 clearly states that Covid-19 has been DOWNGRADED from an High Consequence Infectious Disease with MORTALITY-LOW OVERALL The Nation entered LOCKDOWN shortly after this was published - This is irrational.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries, announced on the radio on 10th March 2020 and said "This is a mild disease for the VAST majority of people, 99% of people will get better, Its VERY MILD in cases we that have seen so far. and people can quite safely be at home, its a bit like having a bit of flu."

Please Note Our Prime Minister received some funding of $8.8 Billion from Bill Gates

And the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock is unable to explain the testing produced 93% FALSE POSITIVES, openly revealed by The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and Prof Heneghan from Oxford University - Any PCR test  with CT (Cycle Threshold) > 25 means no active virus present. NHS are using up to 45 to diagnose a POSITIVE.

QUALITY OF LIFE : Is it appropriate and proportionate that the lives of the 99% resistant to Covid have and there being only 306 deaths from Covid ALONE for aged under 60s up to 2nd Sep 2020 and generally 9,210 covid deaths in USA Per CDC.
A) Their lives so badly destroyed by policy and measures in place that has created mental illness leading to unsurpassed levels of suicides, many terrified to leave their house because of SAGE advice to their own government.
B) Experiencing their business' collapse,
C) Experiencing and Watching loved ones with cancers become terminal because of NHS refusal normal and early treatment (we clapped for this?),
D) Watching grandparents put into a strange twilight world of isolation and then mandated that they be accompanied by covid infected people to speed the end of their Golden Age,
sometimes seeing their loved ones behind Glass Pane visits with faces masked, many experiencing the dubious 'palliative' care and DNR policies.
E) Watching other illnesses worsen because not treated by NHS, 
F) Seeing and Reading about media Fear Porn of doom and gloom as advised by SAGE that this be done,
G) Threatened that all this is 'The New Norm',
H) Not allowed to walk in parks and areas of beauty and denied of sunshine (in lockdown),
I) Becoming peaceful protesters on all the above and met with organised batoning by armed Territorial Support Group (NOT REGULAR POLICE) and bloodshed by their own police with the police'to prevent a breach of the peace' for them. Anyone expressing a different viewpoint, often well researched are attacked, called 'Anti', 'Denier' or a 'conspiracy theorist' (a form of Hate Speech) by people suffering from 'Conformity Neurosis' 
, incapable of listening or seeing independent expression of thought (which indeed most inventions are derived). These 'Comformity Neurotics' often resort to attack, bitter comments and bad wishes. When the media use these terms it is to try to conceal a bias in favour of 'conflicted' monetary investment by the owners wishing to foist fake news on the public. and encourage 'Comformity Neurotics' to brow beat others.
J) walking in a zombie faceless world of hidden face masks that politicians were absolutely adamant that masks were not of any use
K) Living in a world wondering if your neighbour or stranger is reporting you for some misdemeanour for some unintelligible law, and those people are paid by the government that you have elected to do so. Mental illness is already an effect of government policy, now adding paranoia of people in one's own community.

L) Constantly living under the threat from some unknown, confusing and incomprehensible frequent law changes  and further lockdowns predicted to cause another 75,000 non covid deaths -

All imposed by the deceitful reports of 'New Cases' firstly discovered that deaths should NOT have included tests > 28 days of testing positive, on a measurement basis that produces > 90% False Positives and 'wacko' predictions and including testing of asymptomatics that WHO and Fauci say are NOT spreaders.  - all under the guise to 'keeping everyone safe' - do you feel safe? PCR Tests with a CT rate >25 means no Active Virus in body, per Oxford University, Prof Heneghan states. NHS using CT rates of 45.

CUI BONO? - Many members of JCVI (Advisers to the government re unlicensed vaccines at al) have connections with Bill Gates, a self professed vaccine investor, and founder of ID2020 champion of digital ID for everyone individually and champion of The Global Monetary Reset that will hold 'entitlements' to buy food and travel, policed under the guise 'to keep everyone safe' - restricted or removed if you are dubiously not healthy or commit misdemeanour of some unintelligible law ie Total Control - and here where we saw this before - the revealed agenda 20 years ago.

We also saw an attempt at a creation of a FAKE PANDEMIC by the WHO in 2010. As soon as people realised this, the page at Forbes was removed from its website AND

It is peculiar that many did not hear any Radio or TV announcement of the Governments Consultation ( for The Public regarding the Government's Intention to allow UNLICENSED VACCINATIONS (previously outlawed) and also the government asserts that any body connected with the manufacture or distribution of vaccines cannot be held liability for vaccine injuries. QED - £60 million have been paid out in compensation for vaccine injuries because of a swine flu vaccine which was never required.

We list very good reasons why the UK has been under a fiasco of terrible errors.
1) The term 'More Cases' is misleading to the public. These are not 'New Cases' but in fact Positive tests which, it has been discovered, and pointed out by Professor Heneghan of Oxford University that these positive reports are with an excess of 90% false positives. It appears, on air, that Matt Hancock has misunderstood this as demonstrated at
The government show 'New Cases' and 'Testing' soaring but 'Hospitalisations' and 'Deaths' have nearly bottomed out.

Why don't the c300 'experts' of SAGE have pointed this out to the government - How much are we paying for SAGE?
2) It was well after the so called 'curve' that it was discovered late that it should NOT to include deaths > 28days after infection. Why didn't the c300 'experts' of SAGE have pointed this out to the government earlier?
3) The Curve is not a true statistic as many were reported as deaths by Covid which were never tested, and had other comorbities.- revealed by Vallance and the video abounds on the internet.
4) The PCR tests pick up 'other' coronavirus like the flu and the common cold - per CDC.Why don't the c300 'experts' of SAGE have pointed this out to the government - How much are we paying for SAGE?
5) Hancock, Vallance and Prof Van-Tam expressing his 15 years of activity in Pandemic Preparation, were extremely clear that masks would never be needed, but then changed a 180 degree turn after July. People have pointed out that this was subsequent to the visit by Bill Gates with Boris and Hancock c July. See here for evidence Vallance also did a volte-face on herd immunity.
6) Italy, which was all over the mass media, was allegedly hit by a terrible pandemic feb/mar and discovered that the stats being repeated were false, and the politicians were quite outspoken and emotional about this in c April calling it 'terrorism for a dictatorship'. Well Barristers in the UK are using that terminology now. WHO IS RUNNING OUR COUNTRY?
7) SAGE, some 300 members, are known to ensure the government  creates a feeling of individual personal threat to the masses for those who are complacent. There are many who are terrified and become mentally ill and suicide have exceeded by Covid only deaths. How does the FEAR marketing distinguish between those who are complacent and those who are terrified and/or suicidal, created by FALSE statistics.
8) Professor Heneghan from Oxford University has revealed true figures up to 2nd September that there only 306 Covid only deaths in UK since the start. How is that a reason to lockdown anyone. He also points out that PCR tests to diagnose infection with CT rates > 25 (Cycle Thresholds) means that there are no active viruses in a body. NHS are using 45 CT rates.
9) The public are confused by deliberate gobblygook speak to explain statistics, but not one mention of the CT (Cycle Thresholds) in any media. Why is this? Why don't the c300 'experts' of SAGE have pointed this out to the government. The government should have told the public - there is a constant aura of deceit and lack of transparency.
10) Many solicitors and barristers state that the Coronavirus Act 2020 cannot be understood. Nobody understands it, it is too far reaching, too complicated and its ability to be abused by a few in parliament who can wreck the country by abusing The Act. The Act has been described described as a 'whiteout' of Law.
11) Measures are said "to keep everyone safe" yet the government have measures that have created many more deaths as follows:
12) Many people with cancer were not seen to my Hospitals to 'await' the influx of covid patients. Many hospitals remained half empty and the Nightingale hospitals were a white elephant. The cancer in people has become terminal over the delays in being seen to. Other illnesses were not addressed and became worse. People were in fear of leaving their house as medial showed police arresting people strolling in parks and areas of beauty when hardly anyone else was around, watched by Drones all photographed in the media. Sunshine reduces the half-life of Covid from 18 hours to 2 mins, as reported by President Trumps Scientific Officer, Yet people were ordered to stay inside hidden from  the beautiful April and May sun.
13) The government is making the public report their neighbours and others ,- we do not want to live in this dark world of suspicion and fear. The aim of life is Joy, which creates better health. The government are PAYING people to report, which, when people are desperate for money, will lead to false reports just to get the money to buy food because their business' have been collapsed by this ACT's abuse.
14)The government, via the NHS, are paying double to put covid cases into care homes with vulnerable people - either covid is not a threat after all or the government is trying to kill off the elderly if covid is really serious - I suppose it saves pension payments?
15) Old people are sentenced to their golden ages in loneliness and isolation, only seeing people through glass. The tears in their eyes is enough to give up the ghost and is traumatic to children and family members. What an horror of darkness on UK, far worse then covid effects.
16) It has been noted that the hysteria from Spain recently is nonsence. Spain covid cases are spiralling down now. We have based our potential lockdown largely in part because of Spain. This no longer applies.
17) Professor Ferguson has repeatedly made 'wacko' predictions that has enabled the running of UK policy into hysteria and amok. Why did the government keep employing someone with such terrible history of statistics errors. Has it become a 'boys club;?
18) The new abuse of The Act is for another lockdown which it is predicted will lead to 75,000 non covid deaths due to crushed business, mental illness, illness created by this. Scientists have said that Lockdown is prolonging the pandemic and weakening the immune system, but leading a normal life will eradicate Covid-19 according to an expert epidemiologist. Vallance seems to agree with this.
19) The rule of 6 is completely 'wacko' - it is has been common knowledge even openly stated by the WHO that asymptomatics are not the drivers of contagion and Fauci in USA.
20) Hancock is producing more legislation, into the home meetings now. He is running unilaterally.
21) The schizophrenia surrounding the hospitality industry in the summer to be followed by restrictions in September, just as with people going back to work, now telling them not. How can a rational person understand what is happening. The Act has given a pass to some in parliament to mess up the country and the public.
22) Many members of the JCVI being used as advisers to the government are funded by Bill Gates through The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is commonly self-professed by Bill Gates that he is a prolific vaccine investor. There have been many 'conflicted' involvements in other countries. We ask again ‘Who is running our country?’

Yours sincerely